July 21st – Nom Report

Nom Log


  1. No points over!
  2. Drink a lot of water
  3. Limit snacking in the office


  1. Breakfast – honey banana almond butter overnight oats (modified from this maple pecan peanut butter recipe) (5) and a caramel frapp (3)
  2. Snack – half a bagel with cream cheese (4)
  3. Lunch – turkey burger (3) on spinach with cucumber and avocado (3) a diet snapple (0) and some lobster (2)
  4. Snack – PB2 cookie dough dip (4) and an apple (0)
  5. Dinner – spinach stuffed chicken with parmesan based off this recipe (7) and a baked sweet potato (3) with caramelized onions (1)

Total: 35


  1. Elliptical for 30 min (-2)
  2. Abs and arm exercises (-1)

Total: 31

Daily -6 // Weekly 43


  1. I don’t need to eat so much in the morning (meaning drink). I thankfully made french pressed iced coffee so that should stop soon.
  2. Didn’t eat until 9 pm because of getting home from work and going to the gym.. Rough.
  3. My apple really didn’t need the dip with it, could have probably gone without.


  1. Eat breakfast early before biking so I don’t feel sick.
  2. Already meal planned until dinner, but I need to be cautious cause I’m going out for dinner. Thankfully it’s mexican, so I plan on getting fajitas. The harder part will be drinks and making sure I don’t eat too much.



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